WordPress Security Monitoring and Recovery

Detect hacks & restore your website within seconds.
From the convenience of your mobile phone.

Why Should You Try ActiFend? 

24x7 Security Monitoring

You get 24x7 security monitoring and protection

ActiFend unobtrusively watches who is accessing your website and whether they're trying to attack it; and whether they've been observed attacking other sites.
When necessary, it blocks the attackers quickly and efficiently. Using ActiFend is like having an alert security guard for your website, round the clock.


Convenient Mobile App Security Dashboard

You get alerts and real-time status on your mobile phone

Make sure you have ActiFend App on your mobile phone with you all the time. When there is a security incident that needs your attention, ActiFend sends a push notification. Quickly check the details and take the necessary action.
Whether it is a hack or a new vulnerability, ActiFend alerts have you covered.


Advanced Web Security is Affordable

Advanced Protection can also be affordable

ActiFend combines several advanced techniques to give you 24x7 security event monitoring, attack analytics, hack detection, automated backups and recovery of hacked websites. All of these from the convenience of your mobile phone.
No single product delivers all these; and still be as affordable.


We made it easy for you to get started

It takes just two minutes. Begin from the ActiFend Mobile App, or from your WordPress admin panel. Experience peace of mind during the two-week free trial period.
No credit card necessary to sign-up.

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