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Instant hack recovery needs advanced Incident Response automation

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Built to make the Internet Safer

To cope with the growing cyber attacks, experts recommend an approach that combines 3 elements: Prevention, Detection and Response. However, only Prevention technologies are in widespread use in the form of various firewall variants, Web Application Firewalls, Internet Security Gateways, etc.

Detection solutions in general are available only to the largest of the enterprises. Their cost and complexity are indimidating, to say the least. This leaves most businesses – especially small businesses at high risk of being hacked. Without good detection, the ability to respond to security incidents is severely handicapped.

DSDInfoSec aims to solve this problem by providing an affordable detection platform that also helps in rapid response. The ActiFend Web Security Platform is the first step in this direction.

Our Core Principles

Simple Security is Better Security

Usability is the biggest barrier to adoption of security products. To succeed, products must be simple and usable, blending into users’ normal use.

Affordable Security Makes the World More Secure

Small companies are as threatened by advanced attacks and adversaries as are large enterprises. So they need the same sophisticated security solutions but at affordable prices.

Security should be built-in, not bolted-on

Whether it is secure design and coding of a web application or secure-by-default configuration of an appliance, built-in security is the way to go. Any measures taken as late afterthoughts are bound to cost more while being less effective.

Situational Awareness Triggers Defensive Action

Internet security risks are hard to quantify or visualize, thus dampening natural protective instincts. Instead of locking this information away in obscure logs, good security products help create situational awareness in users and administrators, thus triggering timely defensive action.

Meet the Team

Great blend of experience, energy and enthusiasm

Sastry Tumuluri, CEO

Sastry Tumuluri is an Information Security Professional, Startup Mentor and an IT Solutions Architect. His notable work includes the Technical Architecture of India’s first transformative e-Governance system – MCA21, Ford Motor Company’s Vehicle Packaging Databank, NEC’s offshore Development Center and the University of Utah’s Video Conferencing system. Until recently, he was the IT Advisor and Chief Information Security Officer to the Government of Haryana. He is a founding member for OWASP and NULL Chandigarh Chapters, and a fellow of the Startup Leadership Program.

Chandra Tumuluri, CTO

Chandra Tumuluri is a co-founder and CTO at DSDInfoSec. That he can be a prolific coder as well as Program Manager on the same day is his greatest strength. Until recently he served as the Program Manager in Health Department of Government of Haryana. His prior work includes senior roles at Google India / Global Logic, Vignette Corp and Intergraph. He has twenty+ years of strong technology and hands-on management experience in the IT Industry both in India and USA. He has proven success in building Offshore Centres with robust processes and practices, for engineering and content teams.

Pragti Chauhan, Head – DevOps

Pragti Chauhan is the co-founder and the Head of Operations at DSDInfoSec. She is an Electronics Engineer from BUEST Baddi. A university bronze medallist, she worked in Log Analysis, Disk Forensics and SIEM Technologies prior to starting DSD. She is also a security evangelist and volunteer at the NULL & OWASP Chapters of Chandigarh.

Davinder Kamboj, Head V-SOC

Davinder Kamboj is the co-founder and V-SOC builder at DSDInfoSec. Davinder is a serial entrepreneur, with expertise in application development on both Android and iOS platforms. In the past, he has developed several Android games. He is the person behind the creation of DSD’s unique Virtual SOC or Mobile SOC application. With great work ethics, he is a great believer of DIY and follower of the concept of 100 hours challenge.