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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled these answers to some of the questions we hear often from our customers and prospects. If you don’t find the answers here, please write to support@actifend.com. We’ll revert to you with the answers promptly.

Actifend needs a plugin and a simple Android app to work. They are both very easy to download and simple to use.
The ActiFend security analytics engine in the cloud processes your website access logs in realtime to detect any attacks and successful hacks.
Any alerts generated in the process are delivered through the ActiFend Mobile App. You can use the app to act on these alerts, backup your website or restore it to a previously stored state.
At this stage, WordPress is the first CMS supported by ActiFend. Support for other platforms is planned for near future.

It only takes a minute to install ActiFend from the mobile app.

  • From Google Play Store download ActiFend mobile app
  • Login using one of the supported accounts on your device – Google, Facebook or LinkedIn (recommended) -or- use your ActiFend admin email account + OTP
  • First time users are taken to “Add your website” page directly. Here, enter your WordPress Website name.
  • After a few checks, it will prompt you to install the plugin using the in-app browser.
    Click on the “Install Plugin” button.
  • Use your WordPress admin credentials to login and click on “install” then “activate” to complete the installation
  • Upon activation, the browser should automatically close (in some cases, you may have to close it yourself) and you should be returned the App. You will now find the website on your ActiFend Live Assets dashboard.

Yes, you can install ActiFend plugin directly as well:

  • Login to your website admin panel
  • Search and install ActiFend Plugin on the add new plugin screen
  • Activate the plugin
  • Use the Opt-In checkbox and confirm the email address you’ll use to login to the ActiFend App
  • Now install ActiFend App on your phone and start monitoring your website
On ActiFend mobile app, go to the dashboard of the website you want to backup/restore and press the three vertical dots menu item on top right corner of the screen. You will be presented with the Backup and Restore options.
ActiFend is capable of blocking certain attacks such as bruteforce attack on your website automatically.
As a deliberate design choice to protect your website visitors, ActiFend does not access any data submitted to you by your users. As a result, ActiFend does not automatically block certain attacks such as SQL Injection. However, this is adequately compensated by real-time hack detection.
When a visitor accesses one of your web pages, one or more resources on your server are served to the visitor.
These may include images, JavaScript files, stylesheets, and so on. Each such resource served/accessed is an
event for the webserver, and for ActiFend.
We have recently added a FREE tier to ActiFend. When your subscription expires, ActiFend subscription will change from PRO to FREE. You may receive certain types of alerts – but will not be able to see the details.
For a limited period of time (3 weeks at this time) your existing backups will be retained.
You will be able to resume full functionality (including any backups from earlier period if within the retention period) upon renewing your subscription.
Yes, we do offer full refunds / partial refunds based on your service experience and elapsed subscription period. Please refer to our Refunds and Cancellation Policy for details.
Taxes are country/state/area specific – and are not part of ActiFend pricing. The payment service provider will add the charges for the applicable taxes and levies as required by your local laws.
There are two possible reasons for any difference between the displayed pricing (usually
in USD), and the amount charged to you.

  1. Taxes and levies as required by the local laws and regulations.
  2. ActiFend uses INR as its base currency, but displays the closest equivalent USD
    for the convenience of customers. Currency rate fluctuations may cause some small
ActiFend pricing is is based on WordPress instances as mapped to website hostnames. It is not related to domain / sub-domain names.
One instance of ActiFend WordPress Plugin can only be configured with one website hostname (e.g., www.example.com). Each such website is treated as a separate asset.

More Questions?

Send us an email to support@actifend.com and we’ll be happy to respond.