Website monitoring tool that helps maintain uptime

Protective web security is just not enough, so you need instant hack recovery

Why ActiFend

At ActiFend, we recognize that the threats your websites are real and inevitable which is why our website monitoring tool tracks all website attacks 24 x7. Just to share some stats, around 26.5 million websites were hacked in 2016. So, we simply acknowledge that there is an arms race in cybersecurity and the defenders are always playing catch up. When the attackers have an upper hand, it is important for defenders to make sure they have a recovery plan.

This is where Actifend steps in. It is the first web security solution that offers automated recovery from hacks.

The three elements of defense

ActiFend combines the three elements of defense – protect, detect and recover. By providing timely vulnerabilty alerts, ActiFend helps you improve your website health (and strengthen your defense).
With its 24×7 website monitoring tool, ActiFend detects not only attacks (and blocks them), but also any successful hacks. In this, ActiFend is different from most security products that only detect attacks.
When a successful hack (or an unauthorized change) is detected, ActiFend sends an alert – giving you the ability to see the chance to see the details and react quickly. You can then choose to recover your website from a secure backup, right from the ActiFend App.

Conventional Security v/s Actifend

Conventional security is designed around the idea of a perimeter, and that a firewall or a web application firewall (WAF) is sufficient security. The problem with this approach is that hackers have long figured out ways around conventional security.
Actifend is modern, it is cloud based, and it is simple. Instead of relying on the traditional Security Operations Center models (SOC), ActiFend brings a modern SOC – a security dashboard plus control center right into your mobile phone.

Convenient Access to Information

With ActiFend as your website monitoring tool, you don’t need to keep checking the consoles every half an hour. In fact, you do not need a console and the huge log tables to analyze. ActiFend does it all for you and pushes the relevant information to you on your mobile. All you need is to act on those alerts!

Instant Website Hack Recovery

When your site is hacked, Actifend is the only automation tool that restores the last backup in minutes! You no longer have to spend days to restore websites with only half their functionality.